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The photos on this site have all been taken by me, Natalie, during 2006 and 2020.

Making the image shown above - Natalie Way - summed up for me my journey with photography: celebrate the uniqueness of our own path!

Over the years, photography has developed for me from a fun pastime to a spiritual practice, via six years of teaching and mentoring others, making individual and group books/exhibitions, as well as in recent years 1:1 therapeutic coaching using metaphor.

It’s allowed me to explore both my inner and external worlds, figuring out my relationship to and place here on Earth. I now call myself a contemplative photographer who enjoys capturing moments of dialogue with nature, street and life.

Through photography I’ve discovered my deep joy and relaxation in noticing for noticing's sake, and realised life is one big mysterious exploration that thankfully, fragments of which can be magically witnessed and captured with a camera.

The photos are now offered for sale in the spirit of encouraging you and the people you come into touch with, an invitation and appreciation of self-Presence-other-community enquiry, whether you do this with a camera in your hand or not.

They are available for purchase/download with either a personal or commercial license. The proceeds from the sale of these images will contribute towards both mine and others' learning and growth by funding projects such as Coach with the Camera and Exploring Feminine Leadership through Photography.

Thank you, Natalie :)